When do you stop learning as a trainer? The answer is that you never do. In fact this is the first thing you should learn when you are looking into training for trainers. Trainer learning never stops – and if you think it ever does this could indicate that you are not an ideal candidate for this position.

The amount of training for trainers you will have to undertake before you can take on this role will depend on the area of training you wish to enter. For example if you are training people on how to operate underground trains, clearly you must know exactly what you are talking about. But this is a very different situation to the one you would be faced with if you were to train people in identifying their best life skills. In this situation your personal experience and outlook on life would bear a greater relevance than any 'how to train the trainer' course you were to go on.

An open minded outlook is best for all trainers trainer learning

This is perhaps the best skill to have if you are training individuals to help them reach their potential. But it works in many different forms of training. For example even when you receive training on a topic so that you can train others successfully, you may find there are regular updates to that topic. Consider the example of the underground trains trainer. They will receive information on changes and alterations within the system from time to time, and this will need to be incorporated in any training courses they run.

Are you positive enough to be a trainers trainer?

You might enjoy training individuals or small groups to learn the basics in a certain subject. But how would you fare if you were to train new trainers so they could teach that same subject just as you do?

Training the trainers is something that some trainers consider later on in their careers. It can provide them with a different outlook. They are teaching the methods of training others on the topic rather than the information on the topic itself. It is a different perspective but one that some trainers excel in. Perhaps this would be worth considering on your own at a future stage?

As you can see, a trainers trainer will always learn and develop their own career, just as any other trainer will.



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