No job is plain sailing the entire time. Some days will be more challenging than others, but those days can be just as rewarding for the development of your career as a whole. It just depends on how you learn from them.

For example a trainers trainer challenges can be many and varied. Some people are harder to train in a certain job or environment than others. These people can present the trainer with a challenge that could be difficult to meet. If you are regularly holding training sessions with a group of other people, you will almost always come across people who don't want to be there. This is more common when you hold required training sessions for people in a specific career. In this case you will often come across people who don't focus and that you constantly have to encourage to participate.

How to train the trainer for success

One key thing that training trainers brings to mind is that the training itself can be challenging. Good trainer training will help the would-be trainer to identify situations they are likely to come up against at some stage. This will help them to work out solutions to these problems, so they are better equipped to cope with them when they happen for real.

It is interesting to note that if you happen to hold training sessions that you charge money for, you will generally have a more productive session than you would otherwise. If people pay good money to take your training, they are liable to engage with it more fully. They have paid for the experience so they want to make the most of it.

How to get the most out of challenges

Challenges will be easier to deal with if you expect them to happen. You'll certainly come across some eventually if you are going to be a trainer. The trick to becoming a successful trainers trainer is to know they will happen and to formulate the best way to deal with them. Whatever you learn can then be passed down to other trainers if you do eventually decide to train other people who want to enter this demanding but rewarding career.

As you can see, training can bring many challenges. Which ones will you struggle with and which ones will help you grow into a better trainer in the future?



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