*A Book Review*

Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

by Moe Nawaz


As a business coach I meet with small business owners who are running their businesses but are facing problem ranging from finance to business growth….. I'm shocked at the number of business owners unaware of many of the classics of success philosophy and motivation. One that should be in everyone's success library is Think And Grow Rich. –  And Law of Success. So here is my book review of Think And Grow Rich, Also check out "Mastermind Groups Book"

The number of times I have purchased Think And Grow Rich for clients over the last 20 years must mount to well in excess of 1,000 books. The feeling when someone comes back to thank you for the book is great.

Andrew Carnegie was the Donald Trump of his day.  Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland and went to the United States and built his steel empire and made his billions. Andrew Carnegie left loads for us all, to learn from his libraries to universities and education centres around the world to help us all to a better education and move people out of poverty.

Andrew Carnegies was a man who knew what he wanted out of life and went out and got it, that is why he employed more millionaires who were more than happy to work for him. But having surrounded himself with millionaires was not enough, he wanted to know and understand why people who were presented with equal opportunities to succeed in life but only a few that would succeed, why?. (the first seeds of Think And Grow Rich book).

It was at this point when young Napoleon Hill walked in to Andrew Carnegies life or was it the other way around lol. The young Napoleon Hill was commissioned to interview and find the formula for success. He was given introduction and access to the nation’s most successful and wealthy people in order to find what it is that makes a man successful and see if the common man can follow this formula to the same extent and succeed. This was the start of Think And Grow Rich.

It took Napoleon Hill 25 years to complete his research and study for Think And Grow Rich of such famous people as Edison, Woolworth, Henry Ford, Firestone, Rockefeller, Eastman, Wrigley, Wanamaker as well as three USA Presidents in total Napoleon interviewed and studied over 500 successful people in his 25 year study for his book Think And Grow Rich.

In this 25 years Napoleon worked for free only getting some expenses for travel and so on. But to Napoleon this was an investment in his future life.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was finally published in 1937 it broke the secret formula down to 13 steps in his book Think And Grow Rich book.

Think And Grow Rich has been the Blueprint for millions of people for their achievements since 1937. If you take a look at any motivational speaker ranging from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy and so on they all refer to Think And Grow Rich as their source for inspiration when they all started out.  

But remember Think And Grow Rich will work only if you put the time and effort into your self worth. If you change everything around you will change.

I would highly recommended you to read this book if you have not already done so, don’t just read it once read it over a few times to understand the SECRET of Think And Grow Rich

Moe Nawaz: Mastermind Strategist – Author of "Mastermind Groups" & "Mange Time & Grow Rich" plus other books and audios to be found on Amazon. 



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