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How much money can a small business person make online? Are there really online small business owners who are millionaires?

Of course there are, but is it reasonable to expect that as a small business owner you can be one of them.  Don't let the hype surrounding the world recession cause you to lose your common sense.  Small business millionaires are made by effectively assessing the needs of a market and having a product or service that addresses those needs. It’s all about finding what the people want not what you want to sell them or what they need. People buy what they want not what they need.

We all need to stay fit and lose a few pounds but we still go and buy a big Mc, why? We don’t need a big Mc but we want a big Mc.

The internet can greatly expand ways for any small business to sell products or services. Some people have been able to use this to make a great deal of money. Some small businesses that operate only on the net have made online millionaires of their founders.

Before the internet there were auctions, but no eBay. With thousands of items sold daily, each one making a profit for eBay, there is no doubt that the founders are online millionaires. Go and have a look at some of the sellers profiles on eBay anyone with over 1,000,000 feedback has sold over a million items on eBay and what does that tell you? Yes they have found a want and are supplying it to the hungry crowd.

Before the internet there were bookstores, but no Amazon is now outdoing traditional bookstores. Don't you wish you were the founder of Amazon? Amazon has also started selling or rather allowing its sellers to sell goods online just like eBay.

Online small business millionaires start with an idea and a belief in themselves. They find a way to set themselves apart from the rest of small business owners online and offline.. Like real world small business millionaires, they often have enough faith in their ideas that they risk their own money and even seek additional funding elsewhere. Once they get started, they make themselves big enough that the other competition does not threaten them.

Online small business millionaires start early in the game. For example, now that we have eBay, people often forget there are other auctions. The only real competition Amazon has is traditional bookstores that were always there.

If you want to be an online small business millionaire, think of a need that is still largely unfulfilled. After that, you will probably have to believe in your idea enough to take some financial risks (Read the book by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich). If it doesn't work, you lose your investment. If it does, you might join the ranks of online small business millionaires. 


Moe Nawaz – Mastermind Strategist – Author – Speaker 



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