Mastermind Coach team is extremely talented and committed to bringing you an extraordinary resource for your personal and business success. Our team is excited about inspiring, informing and improving the lives of millions of people. Mastermind Coach has been made possible by the pursuit and realisation of the long-term dream of the Help Organisation team.


Moe Nawaz. Strategic Advisor & Mentor to FTSE 100 Leaders.

As an Internationally known Strategist Moe Nawaz has developed 1,000’s of business turnaround strategies since 1989, Moe’s focus for the last few years has been helping the small to medium size businesses grow via his mastermind groups coaching programs and by publishing books and audio programs that everyone can benefit from via Amazon. Moe’s, one on one clients include high tech companies, manufacturers, financial services, entrepreneurs and family run businesses throughout Europe. He has been featured on TV, Radio and other Media.

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Louise Woods. Innovation Strategist

Louise Woods brings first-hand experience and expertise to Mastermind Coach from combined corporate strategies and military leadership practice that are applied to small and medium sized business organisations with hugely positive results. The difference Louise brings is that she not only supports the formulation of innovation strategies but helps businesses to implement them effectively setting herself miles above any of her rivals on results alone.
Louise has a military background as a Royal Air Force Officer then switched to the corporate world with the world’s leading Mobile Company Vodafone where she worked her way up to head of the Network Systems Programming. After achieving her position Louise was head hunted by Dyson to head up corporate Business Development.

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John Porter. Exit Strategist

John Porter Europe’s leading exit strategist started life with Barclays bank back in 1981 and worked his way to regional manager in the London area then moved to Canary wharf heading a team of wealth mangers for the banking group. In 2005 John was head hunted bay Bain and Co the world’s leading strategy company to head their M & A team which consisted of creating exit strategies for some of the largest corporate deals in Europe ranging from £5m right the way through to £1.3 billion. After serving with Bain & Co for seven years John felt it was time to cut loose and make his own way in life.

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Mr “X”. Google Certified Strategist

Who is “Mr X” good question, will talk a bit more about who Mr X is and why he is being so mysterious about his identity.

As a Google Certified Strategist Mr X tends to create strategies which pay off dividends rather than short term tactic which might well pay off short term but in the long term cost you much more. Having witnesses the birth of Google from the offset and being in the minority of people specializing in search engine results at the birth of the internet. The internet and websites have come a very long way compared to the 5 page corporate pages style brochure online with just entering keywords in to titles and Meta tags. The search engines have evolved so much that it is always a full time job just looking after clients accounts to make sure they are found on page one for their keyword searches. 

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