Mastermind Groups – Fastest & Safest Way To Grow Your Business

Rich Schefren – Guru to the Guru’s Recommendation 
The right mastermind group filled with the right people
and run the right way has the power to immediately and
significantly grow your business. Unfortunately, that business
multiplying combination isn’t often seen. In this book, Moe has
laid out the specific steps to make sure your mastermind group
is one certain to grow your business.
This book is a guide to building your business and growing it in the fastest, safest and the easiest ways possible by being part of a mastermind group or building your own group. It is intended to help business owners and those aspiring to start their own businesses to make smart decisions about how to build or grow their business with minimal or no risk.
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“Discover the Secret of the Mastermind Groups Behind Closed Doors”

History of Mastermind Group 


   What is a Business Mastermind Group?


Ten Myths About Mastermind Groups


What is a Business Mastermind Coach?


Why Over 90% of Businesses Fail in the First 5 Years


Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group


 The Different Types of Mastermind Group


What Type and Size of Business is a Good Candidate for Mastermind Group


How Do I find a Mastermind Group to Join?


How Do I Start a Mastermind Group?


 Who Should I Invite Into My Mastermind Group?


Qualities of the People in Successful Mastermind Groups


Key Qualities of a Mastermind Coach


How to Maximize Your Return From Mastermind Group


Proactive vs. Reactive Mastermind Groups


How a Mastermind Group Can Change and Grow Your Business


(Case Studies) Turning an Average Business into a Success Story with a Mastermind Group


What to do next



Author Acknowledgement

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You can read this book from cover to cover for a complete guide to mastermind groups or you can turn to chapters selectively based on your interests or immediate needs.

The author of “Mastermind Groups” is Europe’s leading & well respected Mastermind Strategist who has been creating strategies for business turnarounds & growth since 1989. Now you too can succeed with his insight knowledge of Mastermind Groups and how best to grow your business in the fastest and safest way in today’s economy.

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for just $14.97 

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Amazon Customer Reviews for Mastermind Groups Book

of 5 stars

5.0 outof 5 stars
A compelling read, 21 Dec 2011
Warwickshire Business Club
I have to confess, I had only recently heard of Mastermind Groups through a colleague,(even though I run a Business network Club – […]) and I was therefore interested in reading Moe’s book. First off, it has to be said that Moe is a good writer. Too often you read books and the author fails to engage. This is not the case with Moe – he has an easy to read style, and his concise explanations draw the reader in. I now know all about Mastermind Groups, and I am actively searching one out. Well done Moe – well written, intriguing subject, easy explanation.
5.0 outof 5 stars Mastermind Groups – A Great Explanation, 14 Dec 2011
I read this book by Moe Nawaz with great expectations – I was not disappointed. I knew a little about Mastermind groups but was a quite misguided in terms of those who could benefit from them. The explanations throughout the book are logical and simple to follow. My favourite section, however, has to be the case studies – really inspired me to explore a Mastermind Group for myself.
5.0 outof 5 stars Packed with a lot of helpful information, 1 Dec 2011
Sarah Boyd “Sarah”
Until I had read this book on mastermind groups, I did not understand what all the rave was about regarding mastermind groups. Now I know, I checked out who Rich Schefren was as well and he is the “Guru To The Guru’s” what a title to have and Moe Nawaz the author getting the heads up from Rich Scheferen must have made his day. Great read, nicely put together and love all those famous quotes that have been compiled and laid out, nice way of presenting them.
5.0 outof 5 stars love it!!, 1 Dec 2011
maybe some day
The subject of mastermind groups has been around for years since Napoleon Hill with his book “Think and Grow Rich” I have read another two since but Moe really breaks the whole book down from his own experience working with groups. Love it, he has some really powerful case studies which I personally found very inspiring. Moe is not cheap took a look at his website £4,000 an hour but like I said after reading his case studies not surprised really. Great book top of my to do list join mastermind group. Cheers Moe.

5.0 outof 5 stars Really impressed, 30 Nov 2011
Doug (Brooklyn, NY)
I am love anything thing to do with Mastermind Groups and when I seen this book, I had to have it. Just finished reading the book, my God this guy really knows his stuff right from A-Z about mastermind groups. I also see that Rich Schefren has rated and made a quote his book on the front cover of his book as well. I am going to give Moe Nawaz the author 10 out of ten for this great little mastermind bible as I now call it, lol.

5.0 outof 5 stars Recommended – A Very Enjoyable Read!, 30 Nov 2011
Jeff Michaels

I don’t often write reviews for books, I only wish I had known about Moe and his Mastermind Groups book earlier! Moe Nawaz does a very good job of outlining what you need to do in an easy and precise manner to set up your own Mastermind Group or how to go about joining one. 

One of the things that made me buy the book was that Rich Schefren who is the guru to the guru’s around the world wrote a quote on the cover of Moe’s book. 

The book is written in a style which is easy to follow and Moe can identify with the readers. 

It gives you more than enough info to get you started and I believe this book is essential to anyone thinking about creating or joining a mastermind group for whatever reason as it is packed with great ideas that immediately get you thinking of some ideas for yourself! 

On top of that, I emailed Moe after reading the book and very quickly received a reply so it’s great to know you can interact with the author and his books have not gone to his head. 

Definitely a recommended read! Will buy Moe’s other books as well, like his style. 

5.0 outof 5 stars A world of possibilities, 30 Nov 2011
Steve Chapman
I read, “Mastermind Groups” on the recommendation of a friend and I didn’t really know what to expect from the book.

What a pleasant surprise! 

I read the book from cover to cover and wanted more. Having spent 30 years in business as an accountant and I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with clients who are wondering what to do or how to grow their business. I’ve got friends who are in their 40’s and 50’s who have spent their lives selling computers, houses, marketing, building, selling cars, you name it, and many of them are struggling to understand how and where they fit in to the “Knowledge” world of business as the old business models crumble. 

Moe takes the reader into a world of possibilities. He gives a blow-by-blow account of how he has moved his mastermind group members out of the old mindset and into the new and all from the comfort of his own home. Advice is dished out as if you were having a conversation with Moe, which makes for easy and entertaining reading. 

I thoroughly recommend it. Well done Moe. 

5.0 outof 5 stars Mastermind Groups, 30 Nov 2011
Angela Johnson
I finally manged to get a mastermind book that delivers what it says it will deliver. Love the book have gone over it twice in one week. I am going to join a mastermind group for the new year. Nice and easy book to read. Got my vote on it.

Author – Mastermind Strategist & Business Coach
Moe Nawaz
United Kingdom.