Business Mastermind Coach

What Is A Business Mastermind Coach?

Any good business mastermind group will have a business mastermind coach. I often get the question “What is a business mastermind coach and why does our mastermind group need one?”


Business Coach

I first want to address the idea of a business coach in general. You may think, “I’m in business. I’m a business person. I know what it means to run a business. I certainly don’t need a coach.” Think of this for a moment. There are professional golfers that certainly know their game. They make a LOT of money hitting a ball into a hole. Yet they still have a coach that helps them with their swing…making it even better.

Why? A golf coach can see things they can’t see. They have a different perspective. The same thing is true with a business coach. They help you to see things from a different perspective – they encourage you to try things from a different point of view. Another thing that a coach does for an athlete is helps to keep them accountable. No smart athlete would dare keep their coach waiting. They show up when they are supposed to and when they don’t perform up to snuff, they have their coach to report to.

A business coach can provide the same accountability for a business owner. Together, the coach and business owner can set 
goals. There is an accountability system put in to place and the business owner has to report it. If they don’t do what they say they were going to do, they better have a good reason why. Being a solo entrepreneur often means being able to justify putting things off.

Even in large corporate environments you will find coaches and mentors (believe me it is so lonely at the top, I have seen it so many times) It gets a little too easy sometimes! Having a coach whom you are accountable to can really help.

Mastermind Business Coach

Now a mastermind business coach differs a bit from a regular business coach. They are not going to be coaching you through aspects of your business. They are going to have more of a silent kind of role…more of a moderator or facilitator role in the mastermind group.

However, they do still provide that excellent bird’s eye view and different perspective. They can ask an open-ended question that gets the group off and talking on a subject. They can help clarify a question or issue that someone seems to have trouble putting into words. They can also help to ensure that everyone is having an opportunity to be heard.

A mastermind business coach is vital in having a mastermind group run smoothly. Having a mastermind business coach is often the difference between having a group that is efficient and productive and one that is frustrating and ends up dissolving after a few sessions.

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