We Buy What We Want Not What We Need

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People buy what they want not what they need, take for example your current car that you are driving, did you buy the car because you needed a car or did you buy that particular car because you wanted that car. In today’s fast moving society it is rarely that we buy what we need … that is we buy because the experience and the feeling that comes with the purchase.

Why do we buy what we want rather than what we need, have you ever asked yourself that question? In our daily lives we have adverts coming to us from every angle from a mobile phone, email, TV, news paper, bill boards and so on…. So if you were running an advertising campaign what sort of factors would you need to take into account?

1.                   You will need to make clear what the benefits of your widgets or your Accountancy service are

Visualize for your customer the way your he/she will feel and see his/her lifestyle change for the better when they make the purchase of your widget  or your Accountancy service.  At the very top of your advert you will need to make it clear of the benefits he will get when buying your accountancy services “You will help him to double his profit’s” Then go on to explain how you will do this for him.

If you look at some of the adverts they tend to go on and on about the features of the product or service that they provide, boring boring, yes I did say boring. The only thing the customers are interested in is what’s in it for them; remember they are just ordinary people like you and me.

                2.            If you can visualize the benefits make them see the picture in their heads in words.

As they say paint a picture with words, that’s what you need to do so they can imagine the benefits just like you can.  An accountant may convey a message like “work less and earn more! Get to spend more time with your loved ones rather than working 14 – 16 hours a day.”

A good marketer may go on to express the benefits of an accountant who cares about his clients to want to see his client succeed without anyone to answer to by being his own boss. When you paint these pictures in the customers head in an advert you need to inspire him to such an extent that he will be ready to sign up on the dotted line and ready to go.

3.  Reach into the mind of your potential clients and inspire him to take action

Just think about yourself when you see an advert on TV or newspaper and you have said, yes I will get in touch with that company or buy that product and 5 minutes later you have forgotten the whole thing, right or wrong? You must have a call to action in your advert that inspires him to act immediately.

When you make an offer in the advert you can limit the number of clients or widgets you are offering or set a deadline so they act immediately rather than later or never.

You must keep your advertising messages the same throughout in order to maximize your return on investment.

Moe Nawaz: Author – Mastermind Business Coach – Insolvency Auditor



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