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So you are a successful entrepreneur now – fabulous.You have a business, staff, customers, decisions to make, bills to pay, outstanding creditors to chase and you are working a sixty hour week.You are selling your product well but you need to spend some time on the marketing plan, the finances, the next product launch and you are already working a sixty five hour week.

It can be really lonely at the top.I know – I have been there.When you start up a small business enterprise you expect it to be hard work because everyone tells you that it is.What you don’t expect is that you will feel so distant from everything you once knew – your family, your friends, your employees, your social life.Everyone you know is very supportive but somehow you just don’t want to take your work home with you so you don’t pursue those conversations. It would be nice to be able to talk through your business issues though.

There is nothing like having a confidante who truly understands your situation, the decisions that you have to make and the pressure that you are under. Some business owners have a business partner, some decide that to inject new ideas they need to have one or more Non-Executive Directors.

Seeking Positive Change and Substantial Growth

For me though it has to Mastermind Groups and Mastermind Coaching.When I discovered my Mastermind Group, I was looking for positive change and substantial growth in my businesses. I was running the show pretty much on my own at that time and I needed external input.What I found was a group of ten very positive, focused, committed, like-minded business men and women whose sole purpose in meeting monthly was to ensure their success in business.And boy did it open my eyes!

Harness The Mind-Blowing Power of 10 – Priceless

I found that being with a group of success-minded people motivated me even more to achieve my goals.I am already a very focused person but being a member of such a group made me feel accountable in a way that I had never done before – there is absolutely no excuse good enough for letting anything slide even by a day!The combined thinking-power of this group is immense and the innovative ideas that I was able to use and build on were mind-blowing. I was able to learn from the successes and mistakes of others by listening carefully and following well-seasoned advice.Equally, I felt that I was able to contribute significantly to the group with my own experiences and that was a huge confidence boost.For me, membership of such a group has been absolutely priceless, both in the subsequent growth and success of my business enterprises but also my own personal development.



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Louise Woods the Innovation Strategist brings first-hand experience and expertise to Mastermind Coach from combined corporate strategies and military leadership practice that are applied to small and medium sized business organisations with hugely positive results. (read more about Louise Woods...).

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