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As a mastermind coach I regularly and avidly read articles, self-improvement literature and blogs simply because I find them irresistible.  I frequently find nuggets of information that provoke thought and force me to question my own beliefs and knowledge.  Just a few months ago I was following a thread on Linkedin which I have been ‘mulling over’ ever since and has now compelled me to put pen to paper.

 The question being posed was nothing out of the ordinary and yet the responses were quite enlightening.  “Why is it that we will attend a workshop, read a book or article, listen to the audio tapes, watch the video, get inspired to change…and yet STILL not act?”

 Did you know that of all the many thousands of small businesses owners out there trading today, only a tiny 1% will truly have a desire to succeed and act on it?  There are, as we are all painfully aware, a very large proportion who will fail and the remainder are happy to merely survive.  So why is it that those who have obviously sought help by way of a workshop, book article or other such media choose not to action it?

 The responses given to the question posed on Linkedin centred on whether ‘Accountability’ is the best way to ensure that people act on their ‘best intentions’ and implement what they have learned.  One side argued that unless we have someone holding us accountable, change very rarely happens.  That was countered by saying that the ‘carrot and stick’ approach of accountability relies on having someone to be accountable to (which of course isn’t always the case when running your own business) and that generating  the correct attitude in a person to ensure that they are self-starting and self-sustaining is the ‘Champions Approach’.

 To me both arguments seemed logical and both rang true in my experience of human beings.  The crunch came however by way of an example given about recent rugby games.  The ‘Correct Attitude’ protagonist stated that ‘… there needed an accountability partner.  Not one player would have sat back and thought “I’m a bit tired, I’ll hang at the back and let the other do the work today”.  It just doesn’t happen because they have a winner’s attitude…….’

 I cannot think of people who have more accountability than world class rugby players!  They may very well be highly motivated, hugely self-sustaining, self-starting people and have the mind-set of champions but it does not change the facts.  They are accountable to their teammates, the team coach, the team manager, the fans, the nation, themselves, their family to name just a few.  That is quite a list!

 So who is right?  Is Accountability to another person enough to make a person act or do they also have to have  Correct Attitude?

 In my experience both ‘Accountability’ and ‘Correct Attitude’ are both essential  elements in achieving success.  Being a business owner can be a very lonely experience and it is all too easy to lose focus and get caught up in the nitty-gritty of daily business life, fail to set goals and lose sight of the aim of the business – to thrive and prosper!  For me, being part of a Mastermind Group gives me the Accountability that I need to ensure that I set goals and targets and focus on achieving them.  I constantly work on self-improvement so that I build the ‘Correct Attitude’.  Having a great attitude is what makes me get up in the morning when it is cold outside, ensures that I don’t give up at the first hurdle, do all the things that I know I need to do to achieve my goals, targets and tasks whether I ‘feel’ like it or not.  I will attend a workshop, read a book, article, only if it will help me achieve my goals, and act upon it if I believe that it will. After all, I have chosen to be accountable for my results and my great attitude means that I will go all out to achieve them!

 At the end of the day, the week, the month or the year I can honestly say that I succeeded in everything I set out to do!




By Louise Woods – Innovation Strategist & Mastermind Coach



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