Louise Woods the innovation strategist brings first-hand experience and expertise to Mastermind Coach from combined corporate strategies and military leadership practice that are applied to small and medium sized business organisations with hugely positive results.

The difference Louise brings is that she not only supports the formulation of innovation strategies but helps businesses to implement them effectively setting herself miles above any of her rivals on results alone.

Louise has a military background as a Royal Air Force Officer then switched to the corporate world with the world’s leading Mobile Company Vodafone where she worked her way up to head of the Network Systems Programming. After achieving her position Louise was head hunted by Dyson to head up corporate Business Development.

Louise’s appetite for new challenges led her to start her own business in the real world which meant taking risks as well rewards.  She now continues to pass on her experience & innovation strategies gained over the years to her client.

Having gained a profound discipline in the Royal Air Force Louise knows how to set strategies and making sure the team she is working with achieves them. Establishing strategies is seen as the easy side of the job but someone has to have the vision to come up with the innovative ideas before they can be formulated. Then comes the hard bit, most innovation strategists stop at that but Louise takes it to next level by facilitating every step of the way, implementing the new strategies and achieving the end result which is a great feeling for everyone -the client and the Mastermind Coach team. Results are what people pay for not empty promises.

Louise first learned about Mastermind Groups when she took a hefty commitment to better herself even more by joining Moe Nawaz’s £100k inner circle group. Each member of the mastermind group pays £100,000 a year to stay in the group to be coached and mentored by Moe Nawaz. Louise has seen the benefits for herself and her clients by being the £100k group.

Most people have a tendency to think education ends at university or secondary school, this is the reason that over 90% of new businesses fail in less than 5 years. Education is an ongoing process of life and you have to be prepared to learn, even Sir Richard Branson had a coach and mentor who was the late Sir Freddie Laker, not many people know that.

Staying abreast of current Industry standards is a must, and Louise continuously educates herself by reading books, attending lectures and seminars, and participating in fellow expert’s workshops.

In her spare time, Louise loves to spend time with her children, plays the piano, reads avidly, runs marathons, and adores spoiling others with her culinary skills.


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