Who is “Mr X” good question, will talk a bit more about who Mr X is and why he is being so mysterious about his identity.

As a Google Certified Strategist Mr X tends to create strategies which pay off dividends rather than short term tactic which might well pay off short term but in the long term cost you much more. Having witnesses the birth of Google from the offset and being in the minority of people specializing in search engine results at the birth of the internet. The internet and websites have come a very long way compared to the 5 page corporate pages style brochure online with just entering keywords in to titles and Meta tags. The search engines have evolved so much that it is always a full time job just looking after clients accounts to make sure they are found on page one for their keyword searches.

Mr X originally started out as a search engine optimization specialist helping thousands of clients with their keyword results but as the market grew so did the so called experts and the Guru’s from around the world. It was at this time that Mr X decided to differentiate himself with long term strategy to go to Google and start studying the Google certifications needed to work with Google as opposed to working against Google, so our Mr X took all his exams and soon became a recognised as the Google certified person to go to for online strategies for helping clients with Google’s blessings.

Being Google Certified strategist opened many doors for Mr X, door that were normally closed before, but now focusing on traffic generation and traffic conversion strategies that would last. Generating traffic is not about numbers it is the quality of numbers so you are able to convert the traffic in to clients.

As a Google Certified Strategist Mr X helps his clients by understanding the following:

·  What are your competitor’s best practices are?

·  Why search engines gives your competitors listings more importance than yours?

·  Which of your competitors on the first page of search is weakest link and by simply doing few changes you can replace them?

·  Which of your competitor’s are close to you and by doing simple changes can easily replace you?

·  List of high reputation back links of your competitor’s so you can target them as well?

·  Checking prominence and proximity on your competitor’s pages and how you can increase your prominence and proximity score to push them back.

With over 10 years of working with medium to blue chip companies in and around the world you know have to opportunity to harness the knowledge and experience of Mr X to help you and your team with creating and implementing your online strategies.


So why is Mr X hiding his identity and what is his real name? Mr X still has a contractual agreement with his last employer not to gain any publicity for himself in the event any clients follow him from his last employer, this will expire December 2012 and after that you will find out Mr X’s real name and a picture of his profile as well.

In the mean time Mr X still continues to attract new clients who need help with their online strategies. So when your job and reputation depends on getting results don’t leave it to chance, get a Google certified strategist to work you from the start.


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