John Porter Europe’s leading exit strategist started life with Barclays bank back in 1981 and worked his way to regional manager in the London area then moved to Canary wharf heading a team of wealth mangers for the banking group. In 2005 John was head hunted bay Bain and Co the world’s leading strategy company to head their M & A team which consisted of creating exit strategies for some of the largest corporate deals in Europe ranging from £5m right the way through to £1.3 billion. After serving with Bain & Co for seven years John felt it was time to cut loose and make his own way in life.

Now part of Moe Nawaz’s team of strategists, John now leads his own personal team of top exit strategists helping, advising and creating some of the best known exit strategies know with substantial tax benefits and off shore planning.

The number of real business that are for sale in United Kingdom verses just people who think they have a business for sale, when in fact all they have is a job for sale which is so low paid that you would run at the sight and thought of investing in a venture that would tie you down to 14 hours a day with low or no pay at all.

As an Exit Strategist, what John is good is identifying, creating and helping to implement systems that are missing from a business. Systems and processes are very important in any business no matter what the size of your business is. You need to systemize any regular process you have in your organisation so if push comes to shove you can always teach someone else to take over the rains.

Most business owners are the goodwill in their business the moment you take them out of the loop without having systems the business is no longer able to operate without the owner, and this is why it is very important to have processes and systems in place.

By implementing a few simple but not easy steps into most organisations you can make your business more appealing to buyers at a higher price and a quicker sale process from start to finish.

When John is not working with business owners as an exit strategist, he can be seen running for a number of charities in and around Europe including the London Marathon which John has been taking part in for the past 11 years in.

John is a family man with his wife Carol and two daughters who are his life.

To find out how John can help you with your business exit strategy when it comes to selling your business, why not contact John and see how he can help you.

John works with businesses with values of £750,000 and over only.

Mastermind Goal: John Porter will work with you to make  sure you are grooming your business in the correct manner, so that you can exit at the best possible time, and realise the best possible value.

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