Most of us have heard of a business coach, and understand the role they can play in a business owner's life. But what is an executive coach and who are they able to help?

Focusing on executives in business

A business coach will usually help an individual to develop their own business. But an executive coach will focus on helping an employee make their way up the ladder to reach a highly placed executive position.

As such this type of coaching is typically shorter term than traditional business coaching would be. Once the person achieves the goals laid out for them during the coaching process, there would be no further need to seek the help of an executive coach. The length of the process will depend on the obstacles and challenges to be conquered and how well the individual responds to the coaching process.

An executive business coach will typically be hired by the business

When an individual business owner wants to seek advice, they will go directly to a business coach. But an executive coach will usually be hired by the person in charge of the business. This occurs with the specific idea of coaching an individual so they can make their way through the ranks to an executive position as quickly as possible.

A large proportion of businesses hire an executive coach to help get the best from their employees. But in some cases an individual may seek the help of such a coach on their own. It depends on how much the individual wants this assistance, and whether the business they work for is open to hiring one.

Does executive coach hire work for everyone?

The short answer is that it will work for everyone who wants it to work. You must be open and willing to engage in the process of coaching, otherwise nothing worthwhile will happen.

One important factor that is common in all successful coaching situations is that the person being coached is willing to accept feedback on their performance and personal skills and abilities. This should not be seen as criticism: it should be seen as a way to provide you with the information needed to push ahead and achieve more in the future.

Not everyone will be amenable to the idea of hiring an executive coach. But if you feel ready to take advantage of this service, you may benefit from it in more ways than you might think.



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