What Is Self Awareness?


Self awareness is in simple terms the understanding of our own personality. It allows us to discover ourselves; our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and our own individuality.

If you want to develop a better personality, one that will help you succeed in life, the first step is to be able to know yourself. If you are conscious about your positive and negative behaviours and traits, you can easily sift through these, and keep the good ones, while getting rid of anything that will hinder you from having the personality you want.

If you want to build a high self esteem and become more confident, you should have a sufficient level of self awareness. This means you should know these things:

1. Your goals in life

2. What things and events in your life that makes you happy, as well as those that make you sad

3. Your personal strengths and weaknesses

4. Your values and beliefs

5. Your philosophy in life

6. Your achievements and how you attained them

7. Your failures and what caused those, as well as what can be done to prevent them

8. Your way of relating with others

9. Your way of dealing with people, events, and things

10. How you see yourself and others

There is a huge difference between being self aware and being selfish. While the latter is all about thinking only of yourself and being greedy, the former is positive because by developing and knowing yourself, you can give more of yourself to other people, which will result in establishing stronger relationships, and at the same time, building your confidence and self esteem.

What are the benefits of being self-aware?

  • By understanding ourselves better we can:
  •  gain more control 
  •  be more flexible and confident in our approach
  • help ourselves deal with challenges in a more positive and less anxious way
  •  interact better, communicate more effectively, and understand our relationships with others more fully 
  •  make better decisions 
  • reduce our stress levels
  •  get more out of life.

Knowing yourself is essential if you want to change your life for the better. Know what you are good at, and what you need to improve on. With self awareness, it will be easy for you to seek a career in which you can excel in; you can enrich your life because you know in which direction you should go to; you will know what you want, and because of this awareness, you will be a happier person, living the life you want for yourself.

Developing Self Awareness

  • Self awareness can be enhanced through our experiences. We learn from our own mistakes, or even from other people’s mistakes. But if you want to get ahead of the game, there are other outlets by which you can develop self awareness. Among these are:
  • Talk to friends, and other people whose opinions you value.
  • Make a list of our strengths and weaknesses: knowing more about yourselves including your weaknesses, can often allow you to turn them into strengths.
  • Listing your strengths can help you feel good about yourself! 
  • Start recognising different ‘parts of yourself’: we are made up of many different feelings, thoughts and behaviours depending upon the situation; it can be helpful to think, beforehand, about the way we might respond to a given situation. Also it can be valuable to reflect, or think about our responses, after a situation.  
  • It can be useful if you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and try to look at what is happening from their point of view. This can help you to try to understand how the other person might be viewing something, and help you when you communicate with them.
  • Think about body language and those other subtle messages you send and pick up. If you are with someone, what are you communicating by the way you are: do you try too hard; are you a bit diffident or uninterested; or do you appear confident and comfortable? 
  • Using Self-Help Books. You will find a lot of literatures on the Internet which will teach you various ways to be self aware. In these self-help books are techniques which you can apply to help you be observant of yourself and build insight. 
  • Getting a Coach. There are personal development coaches who will mentor  and guide so you understand yourself better. These professionals know that change and improvement starts with becoming self aware. If you are committed enough, and you have the means to hire a life coach, then go for it.


Moe Nawaz: Mastermind Strategist – Author of "Mastermind Groups" & "Mange Time & Grow Rich" plus other books and audios to be found on Amazon. 



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