Could You Benefit from an Online Business Mentor?

You may have heard of business coaching before, but perhaps you feel as if it isn't quite right for you. In this situation you may benefit more from business mentor programs – and there are certainly enough of them online to choose from.


What is a business mentor?

A business mentor is a person who is experienced in business and wants to use their experience and skills to help others achieve their goals too.

Business mentoring means working on a one to one basis with another person. For example if you want advice and support as you build your business, you might seek out the help of a business mentor to provide the insight you are looking for. You can learn a lot from mentoring business individuals, and if you find someone you can really identify with it could be a highly beneficial relationship for you both.

How can you work with an online business mentor?

It might seem strange at first to seek an online business mentor. Surely this has to be done face to face?

Actually it can be easier to work online than it is in any other way, since it doesn't matter where your mentor is located. When you find someone who is willing to be a mentor to you, you can use a variety of methods to stay in touch with each other. These include email discussions, forums and instant messaging, depending on what suits you both best. There are even websites that focus purely on mentoring in business, giving you the ability to contact more than one person if need be.

A business mentor in London might be ideal for those living in the vicinity. But as you can see, geography is no barrier when you opt for online business mentoring.

Why is mentoring in business so beneficial to those who take part in it?

We all have our own unique way of looking at the world. You may view your business with blinkers on without even knowing it. A business mentor can provide a different and more experienced viewpoint for you to consider. This could be in a professional, personal or even an emotional sense.

Perhaps the best aspect of mentoring is that you can talk back and forth and both get something out of the experience. As such it is a learning experience for both the mentor and the mentee.



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