Business Coach Or Business Mentor can help you grow your business

Some company directors may make it look easy to talk your way into the good graces of a great role model who will help you grow your business, but it isn't always easy to find that one special person. In fact, not doing enough home work to find the right business coach or business mentor can be a very costly mistake.  People really ought to think in terms of experience and background of the business mentor or business coach instead of just the cost, the author of Business Growth Blueprint, Moe Nawaz.  A mentor can be anyone who you see as someone successful that you would like to see yourself in their shoes if given the chance, so why not ask the person who you see as your roll model to be your mentor.

Once you've identified a mentor candidate, how do you persuade him or her to sign on to your cause? Would-be mentors are most receptive to people who ask good questions, listen well to the responses and demonstrate that they are hungry for advice and counsel.

In the best of all worlds, it's not just the protégé who benefits from the relationship. The mentor, as well, should see the opportunity as one for personal growth. "In today's context, mentors learn new skills and competency themselves, It's a chance to revitalise their own learning."

Article written by Moe Nawaz – Mastermind Strategist 



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