All over the world, the coaches coach all kinds of people from all walks of life. But what is it that makes a good coach? What skills do the best coaches have and how do they help their clients to grow and develop in the best possible way?

If you are considering life coach coaching so you can take your first steps in this potentially rewarding career, it is worth thinking about the qualities you will need to have in order to become an excellent coach. It could be said that the best coaches in the world are those who coach naturally. Certainly some skills need to be learned and mastered, but coaching will come more easily to those who already have some of the skills required.


Coaches coach by using their ears as well as their mouths

Many people expect a coach to do a lot of talking. But in reality the coaches coach their clients by encouraging them to talk. The answers to the problems the client is experiencing are often inside them – they just need to know how to release them. A coach can help make this happen, but only once they understand what makes the client tick.

This is best done by asking open ended questions and allowing the client to answer them in their own time and way. This is an encouraging situation as the coach and the client form a constructive bond that allows for development in the future.


Coaches coach through being flexible to the needs of the client

 Everyone is different, so the coaches coach by adapting their methods so they can appeal to each particular client in a different way. For example one person might be eager to get started setting and achieving their goals with the support of the coach. Others may take longer and have more doubts. Thus different methods will be used in different situations.

 When it comes to coaching the coach, it is vitally important to instil the determination to keep learning new methods of coaching as the coach progresses through their career. Regardless of the type of people the coach will meet and help, they will still all be very different. They will not all respond to just one way of coaching. Being flexible is one of the best skills to have as coaches coach their clients. It may also lead to further success in the future.


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Moe Nawaz Has Been Engineering Strategies For Businesses In Bad Times & Making Good Businesses Great Since 1989 And Is Arguably The Highest Acclaimed Expert In His Field In Europe.

As an Internationally known Mastermind Strategist Moe Nawaz has developed 1,000’s of business turnaround strategies since 1989, Moe’s focus for the last few years has been helping the small to medium size businesses grow via his mastermind groups coaching programs and by publishing books and audio programs that everyone can benefit from via Amazon.   Moe's, one on one clients include high tech companies, manufacturers, financial services, entrepreneurs and family run businesses throughout Europe with sales between £5m to £25m. He has been featured on TV, Radio and other Media.

Moe Nawaz is also the author of "Insolvency Survival Guide For Businesses", "Bankruptcy Guide" ,  "Business Growth Blueprint"  &  "Mastermind Groups" See Amazon



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Moe Nawaz
Moe Nawaz, has been engineering strategies for struggling businesses & making good businesses great since 1989. “Whilst my competitors are very good at what they do, I have a much greater commitment to finding strategic solutions quickly, easily, safely, enjoyably and more predictably than any of my rivals.” “I am better at both minimising your liabilities and maximising your gains. I can also show you more legal and ethical short cuts, quick fixes and fast track strategies than anyone else operating in this marketplace”.(read more about Moe Nawaz).

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