Coaching the coach is something that few of us really think about. But before a coach can be qualified and experienced enough to coach other people, they must be coached by others to attain the skills and abilities required to succeed.

Coaches coach by using a number of different methods. But the foremost item that coaches must have in order to train other coaches is experience. It is only through practising the art of coaching over several years that you can hope to be experienced enough to train others in the same profession.

Can this be a two way experience?

Yes it can. Would be coaches will learn about coaching by listening to the experiences and approaches used by seasoned coaches. But the experts in this career will also learn from listening to those just entering the profession.

But there is more to think about here as well. Coaches coach each other throughout their careers, long after they have learned the basics of coaching. As they progress, meet new clients and find new ways of enhancing their businesses, so they have more to share with other coaches as well.


Knowledge about life coach coaching comes from more than one place

Some may see getting together and learning from other coaches as a wrong move. They may think the idea of competition should prevent them from talking to other people in the same business. But in fact this is far from the case. Far more can be learned when the coaches coach than can be lost.

Just as the clients wish to develop in their lives and careers, so the coach should also aspire to do the same thing. One of the best ways to do this is to stay in touch with some of their peers. Indeed this can sometimes lead to more business. Quite often a coach will specialise in a particular area of coaching. If a client arrives who needs advice in another area, the coach will be able to pass them along to a colleague. The same could well happen in return.

As you can see, coaches coach in all manner of different ways. But they can coach each other just as much as they can learn how to coach in other ways. It is these combined actions that result in a fully rounded coach who is better able to help their clients.


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Moe Nawaz Has Been Engineering Strategies For Businesses In Bad Times & Making Good Businesses Great Since 1989 And Is Arguably The Highest Acclaimed Expert In His Field In Europe.

As an Internationally known Mastermind Strategist Moe Nawaz has developed 1,000’s of business turnaround strategies since 1989, Moe’s focus for the last few years has been helping the small to medium size businesses grow via his mastermind groups coaching programs and by publishing books and audio programs that everyone can benefit from via Amazon.   Moe's, one on one clients include high tech companies, manufacturers, financial services, entrepreneurs and family run businesses throughout Europe with sales between £5m to £25m. He has been featured on TV, Radio and other Media.

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Moe Nawaz
Moe Nawaz, has been engineering strategies for struggling businesses & making good businesses great since 1989. “Whilst my competitors are very good at what they do, I have a much greater commitment to finding strategic solutions quickly, easily, safely, enjoyably and more predictably than any of my rivals.” “I am better at both minimising your liabilities and maximising your gains. I can also show you more legal and ethical short cuts, quick fixes and fast track strategies than anyone else operating in this marketplace”.(read more about Moe Nawaz).

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