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Most of us have heard the idea of experts expert opinions. These are opinions given by people who are experts in their field. They are often called to present their opinions so a particular group of people – sometimes a jury for example – can understand the most probable cause of events in a particular circumstance.

But can the rest of us learn from the experience and knowledge of a relevant expert as well? The answer, refreshingly, is yes.

Experts exist in every field of knowledge on earth

This is good news. It means that whatever you want to know more about, you can always find the knowledge you need. You simply have to find the most knowledgeable person to provide it to you.

Do you need to meet them to benefit from an experts expert opinions?

No. There are numerous ways in which you can find out what an expert thinks and believes in. For instance a famous expert on a topic may publish books on the subject. They may also have a website or blog that they use to share information. If they are famous you may also look for television interviews they have given or perhaps even seminars in which you can see them for real.

How can you learn from their knowledge?

Of course the best way for any of us to learn is to listen, digest and consider the material they have given us. It doesn't matter what subject is being discussed. It is only by listening to business experts or coaching experts – depending on our specific point of interest – that we can learn from their vast experience.

Moreover the learning process never stops. It continues through time. Some people believe that we can only learn something when we are ready to learn it and we open our minds to it. Thus an experts expert opinions will only make sense to us and provide a learning experience when we are ready to receive them.

This is an interesting point and one that not everyone has thought about. So whether you are looking for opinions from business growth experts or anyone else, you should always be prepared to learn over time. You cannot learn all the lessons there are to be learned from their experience in one go. This learning experience takes place over time. As the expert comes forward with more opinions on more things, you can learn even more.

Many of us look up to business experts to seek advice and input about our own businesses. But have you ever considered who the experts expert is? Who do the experts look up to in order to gain insight that will back up their teachings?

If you would like to be regarded as an expert, you must consider how you will reach this lofty position. The following pointers should help in this regard.

Finding your niche in the business world

Let us suppose that you want to become one of the leading business experts around today. Your first task would be to decide which area of business you want to become an expert in. It is unlikely that you would aim to become an expert in every area of business, since there are so many niches you could aim for. You may find it doesn't take long to focus on one particular niche, because you may have more experience there. Alternatively you may simply have a passion for a specific niche, and this will inform your choice.

Finding someone to follow and inspire you

Let's say you want to become an expert in business growth. Your next step would be to find a couple of business growth experts who are already well known in their field and able to provide support and guidance for your future. Bear in mind that you don't need to know them personally, nor do they need to know you. You can learn a lot from the experts expert if you simply follow their teachings and explore the benefits they have available to share with you.

Read books about them, find websites that are relevant to them and read their blog if they have one. There are many different resources you can plunder for inspiration. In the end, you have to find out who your experts expert is, so you can follow them and learn from them as you progress through your own career.

As you can see it is possible for coaching experts to achieve great results through indirect methods. They can publish articles, books and blog posts that you can read and learn something from. On your own path to becoming an expert in your chosen field there is plenty to learn from experts who have gone before you. Make sure you remember this and don't squander the chance to learn as much as you can. Soon you could be the experts expert instead.


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By Moe Nawaz  – Author – Speaker – Mastermind Coach – Insolvency Auditor