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Massive Opportunities To Grow Your Business During The Recession

Most business owners are so frightened of the recession that all they can think about is how to just stay alive and survive till the good old times return. Brother have I got news for you, they are not coming back and the opportunities you have for growing your business during the recession whilst everyone is crying and shivering at the thoughts of just surviving. The smarter entrepreneurs are busy building their empires by doing deals with businesses that don’t know how to thrive and cannot see the hidden opportunities that are right in front of them.

Common Excuses Why Businesses Is Not Growing

The reasons or excuses as we call them are as follows:

  • Too much competition in the market
  • Competitors have forced my prices down
  • Times are Tough
  • Don’t you know about the recession
  • Can’t afford to hire good staff
  • Can’t find good employees
  • Wages are crippling my business
  • Cheap imports are killing my business
  • Bank will not give me a loan or overdraft
  • The list goes on and on…..

If you really believe the above then you are defiantly heading down a one way street known as Bankruptcy Street. The above excuses might sound reasonable to a the average business owner who is in a reactive mode but put in his or her place someone who is very pro-active and you see the excuses turn into solutions every time. The simple reason most business owners believe the above to be true is the same reason most businesses fail, do you know what that is? One single common thread that runs through every failed company is LACK OF SALES, yes that is 100% correct. I will challenge anyone who says different. So let’s get back to the hidden gems in your business shall we?

What Are The Hidden Opportunities?

The hidden opportunities can be the client list that you have that you don’t realise the real value and how to capitalise on it. This could be the relationships with suppliers or clients that you have that other entrepreneurs would gladly pay over the adds to have that relationship or a formal introduction. Could be underutilised assets that are just sat dormant or only being used well below capacity, you could have started and invested in a project and just left it on the shelf with capital tied up in the project and so on….. the list can go on and on….

How To Explore Your Hidden Assets In Your Business?

No the assets I am talking about will not appear on your balance sheet, these are assets you and your accountants don’t recognise as valuable at all. So now you have to learn to play detective first hand. Do you have ads that work better than your competitors? Sales pitches or telesales that work like crazy? Customer service policies and procedures that keep your returns and refunds the lowest in your industry? Or any other proprietary techniques or procedures you use in your business that outperform the rest of your industry?

If so, you’re sitting on a potential gold mine. You can license the rights to use any of your specialised techniques or assets to other non-competitive firms. You can do it for a flat fee, a percentage of the profits, on a royalty basis, or any other way that makes sense to you. Or you can conduct seminars to teach your techniques to others and charge whatever the market will bear.

What Next?

Now that you know how to play detective to find the intangible assets in your business, the next step is to extract these assets in to hard cash that can help grow your business faster than you had ever imagined. If you need a hand in making this work in your business find a good Mastermind Strategist to help you uncover and bank your hidden assets. Make sure you only pay him on a results performance only, i.e. a share of the extra profits he brings in for you that you would not have gotten without him or her.

Good luck detective.

Moe Nawaz:
Mastermind Strategist

Think Big – Stay Small – >>Move Fast

If you own a business with a number of employees you may have occasions where you arrange a dinner or get together for everyone to enjoy. Some of these occasions may be more professional in tone than others, and at these functions you may wish to hire a business speaker to make a speech.

But where do you find the speaker you need? Here are some tips.

Ask your colleagues if they know a reliable business speaker

Recommendations are always worth far more than any other method of finding someone suitable. Ask around and see if anyone knows of a business motivational speaker you could contact for more information.

Start by asking the people you know in your own business. You can then spread the word and talk to people whom you know from other areas of your life. You never know who might have the contacts that you are looking for.

Know which type of business speaker you are looking for

They don't all fall into one easy category. For example if you own a small business you will want to hire a small business speaker who is familiar with the challenges that a small business faces. Clearly if you are the CEO of a large multinational corporation, this same speaker will not be suitable for your audience.

Many people respond well to a motivational business speaker, no matter what the audience might be. If you can hire someone who is capable of motivating your audience, you are sure to have a successful result. It can lead to better results for your business too if people are willing to put what they've heard into action.

Search online for reviews of the speakers you have shortlisted

Once you have a few names you should look for them online. Many business speakers have their own websites to help them find business online. You can use these to begin with to get an idea of how each speaker works and whether they would be suitable for your needs.

But you should also look for testimonials and reviews of that particular speaker elsewhere online. This will give you a more rounded picture of each speaker that will enable you to work out whether you have found the person who will best suit your event.

As you can see, choosing a business speaker is not an easy task – but it can be an immensely rewarding one.

What do 
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By Moe Nawaz – Author – Business Speaker – Mastermind Coach – Insolvency Auditor

If you are a small business owner you will know how important it is to keep an eye on business growth. A business that doesn't grow is a business that is in danger of failing. Thus you must find out as much as you can about small business growth strategies, so you can put them into action both now and in the future.

What is business growth?

Business growth is simply the act of growing your business so that it brings in more money and develops into a larger entity in the future. It may involve bringing in more customers. It could also mean generating more money from the customer base you already have. Another meaning is to expand your business so that it is capable of handling more customers and orders.

Can you get business growth advice?

Yes you certainly can, and it is available from a number of sources. For example you may want to read some books about business growth plans and how to implement them. You could also speak with experienced business people to get the input you are seeking. There are also websites, seminars and professionals who are dedicated to providing business growth strategies.

Is fast business growth a good thing?

Not necessarily. You may think that small business growth should be fast in order to grow a small company into a large one. But if a business grows too quickly it can be in danger of collapsing altogether. Cash flow is often the culprit here – the business is not able to pay what it owes through expanding too quickly because it has not yet reached the new level of customers.

Can business growth coaching help you succeed in the future?

Yes it can. In fact if you are unsure about how to achieve business growth development you should seek business growth advice to help you plan for the future. Coaching is a popular way to get this advice, since it focuses on all aspects of your business career. You will be able to discuss all your concerns and worries for the future, and come away from each session with a clearer picture of where you want to head to.

Business Growth Strategies can be found in many different places. But as you can see it helps to plan and explore in as much detail as possible, so you are fully prepared for the journey ahead.