Success Stories with a Mastermind Group

All Business Success Stories  / Mastermind Groups Case Studies are real and taken from the Mastermind Groups Book, written by Author and Mastermind Strategist Moe Nawaz and recommended by Guru to the Guru's Rich Schefren.

Rich Schefren – Guru to the Guru's Recommendation 

The right mastermind group filled with the right people and run the right way has the power to immediately and significantly grow your business. Unfortunately, that business multiplying combination isn’t often seen. In this book, Moe has laid out the specific steps to make sure your mastermind group is one certain to grow your business.

As you know Mastermind Groups are a very powerful way to leverage the knowledge and skills of other successful people, skills and knowledge which you might lack. The richest business tycoons, entrepreneurs, and company directors have made millions using the synergy and power of masterminding. We are now going to take a look at how 9 ordinary businesses that were just surviving before joining mastermind groups and after being in the group were simply put thriving with success. Remember the power of ONE is a very lonely number but the power of two and the synergy could equal three or more. So think what as group of ten like minded powerful businesses owners can do for you and your business?

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Mastermind Groups Case Study No.1 – Property Maintenance Company – It took three months for the window cleaners to all have steady jobs in the housing developments that Steve wanted to dominate. In the beginning it cost Steve a little extra money. It didn’t take long before he was breaking even.

The back end definitely paid off! After twelve months Steve had built up a VERY loyal customer base. His window cleaners were doing their job brilliantly on the front end, and his maintenance business had DOUBLED in size!!

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 2 – Solar Power Panels – learned that the installers were fiercely loyal to him. They could not believe they had found a distributor that believed and invested in their business. They would not use any other distributor. In six months time, the client has acquired many new installers and is well on his way to hitting his goal!

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 3 – Jim’s Auto Service Centre

Jim managed to sign 23 corporate accounts in two months.

tick Customers kept coming back in and recommending more people.

tick Referrals kept increasing

tick Profit margin increased by 125% in six months

tick Revenue is continuing to grow

tick Jim no longer thinking inside the box!

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 4 – Paul’s Auto Showrooms – As Paul started building his database of people who owned Freelanders, he was able to start selling service agreements and other products. He was able to build his database up to 10,000 people!

Paul even began to offer specialty products. He had Land Rover floor mats specially made in China that cost him under £20 each with shipping and everything else included. Most floor mats sold for around £150. Paul sent out a newsletter to his database and offered the floor mats at £49.99 plus postage, but let the customers know he only had 2,000. He sold out immediately!

Now once a month Paul brings in some sort of specialty line that he can offer to his clients at the time he sends out his newsletter. He has had great success.

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 5 – Catering Business – By the time the catering owner came back to next session he had seen a number of pubs. He stuck a deal with one of the pub owners. The deal ended up working out FANTASTIC. It was good for the pub owner and good for the catering owner. A good joint venture thanks to the collective thinking of the Mastermind group.

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 6 – Financial Broker – The financial broker was very excited to take on this new line of business. He decided to start with multiple property owners within a 20 mile radius, and then expanded to 30 miles and then to 50 miles. Within 12 months he had 45 landlords with multiple sales.

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 7 – An eBay Business – George’s next goal is the 10 million stage to move to next level. He won’t be leaving the mastermind group anytime soon! He continues to get solid advice on a regular basis. At the same time, George gives GREAT advice to members in the group as well. While George’s business was above average in terms of the money he was generating, it was average in the terms of barely being able to pay the bills. With the help of a mastermind group, George’s business is now a true success story!

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 8 – Residential Property Owner – Peter found a very unexpected side effect happened. As the continued success of the JV partnerships went on, the JV partners were making more money and wanted to chip in MORE money on the front end and get more on the back end. This worked out to Peter’s advantage. He was able to rely less and less on the banks.

Peter was happy to give the JV partner’s more of a share as they pitched in more on the front end. He didn’t have to put as much money in, which meant that he was able to work on more houses at one time. He was able to meet his goal of five to six houses at a time, and then exceed it. The profit his was able to make was well worth what he was giving his JV partners.

Mastermind Groups Case Study No. 9 – Kahn’s Restaurants – Kahn’s Restaurants was LOSING £10,000 to £15,000 a month. They started seeing improvements in the first 3 months. Within seven months they were breaking even. This was tremendous progress. Many businesses wait two years to be able to get to a break-even point. Mr. Kahn and his partners were thrilled. After 18 months the restaurants were making such a fantastic profit Mastermind Groups that a buyer came in and offered a significant amount of money to purchase the chain. Mr. Kahn and his partners were delighted with the offer and turned a keen profit.