Business mentor delivers solid results and ensures the health and survival of any business. Surveys show that executive management training leads to returns in excess of 500% on investment. Think of a top professional performer or sports person like Tiger Woods. Have you ever considered how they became a number one? Is it because they were born with super talent or is it thanks to the person who pushed them to be the best and provided the training and advice to improve their performance…yes you got it, the sports Coach? But for business executives it's a business mentor…

While managers and executives benefit significantly from an business coach, they are also valuable for the overall business to keep growing. Here I have listed four areas where business mentoring and communication skills can benefit a business.

Business Mentor

So what does a business mentor do?

Well here are just 4 things a good business mentor will do for you….

1. Marketing.

A business mentor will review the overall marketing performance of your business and will help you devise strategies to enhance sales results for your business. To ensure your business plan is executed effectively across the organization. It is so important that in any organisation that the marketing team stay focused with the strategic plans for the business in order to achieve its goals. Business coaches tent to find that most of business organisations are working tactically rather than strategically in order to make their business grow. A business coach is able to identify this and show and demonstrate why tactically the business will not survive fighting fires and why it is so important that the overall strategy is convoyed to all the staff at every level in order for every member from floor up to top management know the long term plan for the business. A good business coach will help you with your long term plans for your business.

2.Staff Employment.  

How loyal are your employees to you and your business? Do they enjoy coming to work or are they clock watching all day to see if its time to go home? As a business coach I would ask you, If you were to start your business from scratch today, who would you employ and who would you not employ out of the current workforce you have?  A business mentor will help you identify the right employees to help your business to grow so that you have more time off and not worry so much. Remember you pay staff to do the worrying for you, if they are not worried and you are doing the worry instead then they are not the right employees for you. You can educate them or replace them no other way round it, that is if you want your business to grow. Top employees don’t always cost more as most small business owner think ask any business coach.

3. Mentoring.

Most business coaches have solid business experience, they recognise the challenges that businesses face and serve as valuable mentors for solving issues or conflicts.  If you are striving to significantly increase the effectiveness of teams and individuals in your organisation, then executive coaching and mentoring is an area you should seriously consider. Executive mentor training will help to identify strengths and weaknesses within your organisation and top management, it will help you to position them to achieve your business goals more successfully. Talk to a business coach and find out for your self.

4.  Business Focus.

This knowledge is at the heart of your business mentor as they know you can become who you were destined to be! The first and most important point to stress is that you are the expert in your field, not the Business Coach. The role of the business mentor is to make you a champion in the various roles or your life over all.

A good strategy and open communication are important to a successful business. Executive management training led by an experienced executive coach will help you define business strategies, establish important communication skills and guide you in formulating an organisational structure that will ensure high performance and results.

An executive coach makes smart business sense when it comes to prioritising your goals and staying focused. The principles of business mentoring are designed to keep you on track and to recognise when changes need to be made. Most importantly, a business coach can make you more aware of the need to achieve an equal balance between your personal and work life.

With the global economy slowing down every business large or small needs and edge in order to stay ahead of competitors new and old. Studies have shown more successful executives at any corporate level tend to have mentors or business coaches to stay ahead of the game. (See Harvard Business School studies on coaches).



Moe Nawaz – Author – Speaker – Mastermind Strategist & Business Mentor

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