If you own a business with a number of employees you may have occasions where you arrange a dinner or get together for everyone to enjoy. Some of these occasions may be more professional in tone than others, and at these functions you may wish to hire a business speaker to make a speech.

But where do you find the speaker you need? Here are some tips.

Ask your colleagues if they know a reliable business speaker

Recommendations are always worth far more than any other method of finding someone suitable. Ask around and see if anyone knows of a business motivational speaker you could contact for more information.

Start by asking the people you know in your own business. You can then spread the word and talk to people whom you know from other areas of your life. You never know who might have the contacts that you are looking for.

Know which type of business speaker you are looking for

They don't all fall into one easy category. For example if you own a small business you will want to hire a small business speaker who is familiar with the challenges that a small business faces. Clearly if you are the CEO of a large multinational corporation, this same speaker will not be suitable for your audience.

Many people respond well to a motivational business speaker, no matter what the audience might be. If you can hire someone who is capable of motivating your audience, you are sure to have a successful result. It can lead to better results for your business too if people are willing to put what they've heard into action.

Search online for reviews of the speakers you have shortlisted

Once you have a few names you should look for them online. Many business speakers have their own websites to help them find business online. You can use these to begin with to get an idea of how each speaker works and whether they would be suitable for your needs.

But you should also look for testimonials and reviews of that particular speaker elsewhere online. This will give you a more rounded picture of each speaker that will enable you to work out whether you have found the person who will best suit your event.

As you can see, choosing a business speaker is not an easy task – but it can be an immensely rewarding one.

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By Moe Nawaz – Author – Business Speaker – Mastermind Coach – Insolvency Auditor



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