Eddie the brand strategist brings 35 years experience in marketing to Mastermind Coach.

During his career as a brand strategist he has worked with businesses across the globe including BT, Epson, Ford, Heinz, Marks & Spencer, Nestle, Oracle, Peugeot, Philips, Pioneer, Roll-Royce, Speedo and Tesco and has also helped start-up and growing companies develop highly successful brands.

Since 1999 he has run his own consultancy where he specialises in brand strategy with a passion for understanding what consumers do and why and how brands and products can be manipulated to influence their behaviour.

As a brand strategist he is a frequent industry spokesperson and has appeared on both BBC television and radio as well as within printed and digital media.

He also regularly gives talks and presentations and runs brand strategy workshops for businesses and individuals from all sectors of industry.

A real pragmatist, he has pioneered a number of unique techniques in the field of brand planning which have delivered significant growth to his clients by combining strategy with research, ethnography and semiotics.

Different cultures, life-styles, life-stages, aspirations, needs, thinking and desires all shape how consumers interact with brands and Eddie as a brand strategist is an expert in creating road maps which clearly define every element of a brand development programme with a focus on delivering increased sales.

This is the results-focused side of Eddie where his belief that successful brands generate growth comes to the fore and he ensures that every brand programme is delivered with the participants fully engaged and armed with the tools to ensure successful implementation.

As one of Europe's leading brand strategist, Eddie regularly attends talks and lectures to ensure that he keeps abreast of changing consumer trends which he puts to good use for his clients.

In his leisure time Eddie enjoys socialising, theatre, travel, concerts, music, cooking for friends and family, cycling and being with his wife and two children.


End to end brand expertise encompassing gap analysis, strategy, research, market analysis, brand planning, product differentiation strategies, ethnography and semiotics.

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