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Massive Opportunities To Grow Your Business During The Recession

Most business owners are so frightened of the recession that all they can think about is how to just stay alive and survive till the good old times return. Brother have I got news for you, they are not coming back and the opportunities you have for growing your business during the recession whilst everyone is crying and shivering at the thoughts of just surviving. The smarter entrepreneurs are busy building their empires by doing deals with businesses that don’t know how to thrive and cannot see the hidden opportunities that are right in front of them.

Common Excuses Why Businesses Is Not Growing

The reasons or excuses as we call them are as follows:

  • Too much competition in the market
  • Competitors have forced my prices down
  • Times are Tough
  • Don’t you know about the recession
  • Can’t afford to hire good staff
  • Can’t find good employees
  • Wages are crippling my business
  • Cheap imports are killing my business
  • Bank will not give me a loan or overdraft
  • The list goes on and on…..

If you really believe the above then you are defiantly heading down a one way street known as Bankruptcy Street. The above excuses might sound reasonable to a the average business owner who is in a reactive mode but put in his or her place someone who is very pro-active and you see the excuses turn into solutions every time. The simple reason most business owners believe the above to be true is the same reason most businesses fail, do you know what that is? One single common thread that runs through every failed company is LACK OF SALES, yes that is 100% correct. I will challenge anyone who says different. So let’s get back to the hidden gems in your business shall we?

What Are The Hidden Opportunities?

The hidden opportunities can be the client list that you have that you don’t realise the real value and how to capitalise on it. This could be the relationships with suppliers or clients that you have that other entrepreneurs would gladly pay over the adds to have that relationship or a formal introduction. Could be underutilised assets that are just sat dormant or only being used well below capacity, you could have started and invested in a project and just left it on the shelf with capital tied up in the project and so on….. the list can go on and on….

How To Explore Your Hidden Assets In Your Business?

No the assets I am talking about will not appear on your balance sheet, these are assets you and your accountants don’t recognise as valuable at all. So now you have to learn to play detective first hand. Do you have ads that work better than your competitors? Sales pitches or telesales that work like crazy? Customer service policies and procedures that keep your returns and refunds the lowest in your industry? Or any other proprietary techniques or procedures you use in your business that outperform the rest of your industry?

If so, you’re sitting on a potential gold mine. You can license the rights to use any of your specialised techniques or assets to other non-competitive firms. You can do it for a flat fee, a percentage of the profits, on a royalty basis, or any other way that makes sense to you. Or you can conduct seminars to teach your techniques to others and charge whatever the market will bear.

What Next?

Now that you know how to play detective to find the intangible assets in your business, the next step is to extract these assets in to hard cash that can help grow your business faster than you had ever imagined. If you need a hand in making this work in your business find a good Mastermind Strategist to help you uncover and bank your hidden assets. Make sure you only pay him on a results performance only, i.e. a share of the extra profits he brings in for you that you would not have gotten without him or her.

Good luck detective.

Moe Nawaz:
Mastermind Strategist

Think Big – Stay Small – >>Move Fast

Business is tough at any time but with the recession it is very hard!

More and more businesses are just surviving and a good chunk of them heading down the slippery path of perishing by the day.

So how do you turn your business around from just surviving to thriving or if you are on the slippery road and is perishing, can the business still be turnaround or not? If your business is just surviving yes there is a great chance it can be turned around to start thriving even in a recession. But if it is perishing then to save the business we might need to consider insolvency as a means of resuscitation to try and bring the business back to a new lease of life and get it climbing back up to recovery and then looking at ways to make it thrive, recession or no recession.

How can you tell if my business will just survive or perish rather than survive and then thrive?

There is a very simple test and you can do this yourself for any business. The test is are you working hard for your business or is the business working hard for you? So which one do you think is on the critical list and which one is thriving? Yes you got it, the business that is working hard for you is the one that is thriving.

So How Do You Make The Transition From Working In The Business To Working On The Business?

This involves planning, you see most people who own and run businesses are too busy working in the business to understand what working on the business means. This is mainly due to when you start any business, you must go through three stages, think about, plan it and then do i.e. make it happen. Over 90% of small businesses skip the second bit about planning and think they have a clear vision of what they need to do and just simply jump the gun and just do it anyway. This is where the problems start by not having a clear strategy that has been defined and refined till it is in a business model than can and will work. By planning and testing not only are you clear on your way forward but your team employees as well can now see what it is that you all have to achieve in order to thrive.

Business Tactics V Business Strategies

Tactics are great to get the rent paid or to get cash in to pay a bill or two as long as that is not all that you end up doing, running around for cash to pay bills. That is what happens when you start working in any business you get distracted with tactics every moment of your day because you have not thought about a clear strategy that will help you get over the initial cash flow situations till the orders start to flow.  Tactics are short term activities to generate cash but in order to plan long tern you need to create and implement tried and tested strategies which will end in you owning a thriving business, one that will be working hard for you and not the other way around.

Creating Tried & Tested Strategies

To create powerful tried and tested strategies for your business you can learn by reading or attend seminars or by hiring strategy consultants. Alternative to that is to work with a Mastermind Strategist. What’s the difference between them all? The consultants and the seminars as well as the books will teach you what to do only. But the Mastermind Strategist will not only what to do but this is the most important bit – he or she will show you how to do it as well. You see any one can tell you what to do but how to do it is the key to any successful strategy that will make the difference to you and your business success.

So over the coming months where will you be and where will your business be regarding Thriving, Surviving or on the slippery road to perishing?

Don’t just sit there and think about it because that is not going to change the situation you and your business are facing. Doing something about it by acknowledging that you need expert advice and support is a step in the right direction.  The next step is to seek out a good mastermind strategist who can work with you through these difficult times, someone who has many years of experience turning struggling business around.

Don’t leave it till it’s too late as you will have fewer options to turn your business around, make it easy on yourself, starting today.

Moe Nawaz:
Mastermind Strategist

Think Big – Stay Small – >>Move Fast

About Business Coaching

No matter what you studied in school, the principles and approaches of coaching remain the same. In the same line, business coaching is like sports coaching. In football, the coach pushes his players to achieve optimal results, provides support and encourages them when they are down, and shows them how to execute tactics the other team doesn't know. In business coaching, people are shown how to achieve maximum performance in ways similar to those but focuses more on business success.

The Role of a Business Coach

The primary role of a business coach is to train, to guide, to encourage and to support business owners on what they need to do in order to succeed in their ventures. Business coaching is not limited to one area of the business. It covers all areas such marketing, sales, leadership, team building , planning, management accounting and other areas of operation. A coach will look into your business and identify those areas of you business that require improvements, changes, and identify growth opportunities, and then formulate a plan of action which the business owner can use or refer to on consistent basis. Like a football coach, a business coach focuses on the game.

This action oriented coaching focuses on assisting people to achieve their potential, to identifying goals and offering support required to achieve them. The intention is to assist people to be successful and to make their business to be competitive. Click here To learn more how business coaching can transform your business.

If you are operating a business and you feel that something is not going according to your plans it is high time you sought the services of a business coach. Below are some of the reasons why you need a business coach.


If you are working for so many hours and you are not getting the results you desire, then a business coaching program is what your business needs.


If your business is not making the kind of return that can be justified with the risk, effort and investments employed in the business, it is time to turn it around. A business coach can look into your business and uncover strategies for your marketing, sales, advertising ,business growth, profit growth, team building and time management.


Do you love what you do? Do you feel bored sometimes or even sick of your business? Business motivation is the fuel that helps a business to accomplish its goals and objectives. To get your groove back just like when you first started it, you need a re-injection of that passion and vision. The fastest way to get there, to love what you do, to be motivated again is through business coaching. 


To better equip your business with the latest industry insight or to know whether you are on track, a business mentor can help you to just do more than that.


During those times when you feel worn out, some things may go wrong or you might be slow to respond. A business coach can help you take charge of your business.


As a business owner, you need be at the top of your game at all times. You need to keep up with the latest industry changes and information. Through a business coaching program, you can learn new things that you can use to improve yourself and the business.

Team building

Business coaching is not just about the business alone. It is about people who work there as well. In order to release their full potential, you need to keep them motivated and appreciated. A team building program is perhaps what they need.

Most business coaching programs are usually delivered in a step by step process which makes them easier to understand. Whether this programs are delivered on video, ebook, seminar, training, it is always good to note down important areas that you may need clarification on. Business coaching like I said earlier is like sports. In sports, you need to be in good shape at all times. Keep your business in good shape. Talk to us about business coaching packages available and you will never be disappointed.

Visit our home page for more business coaching information.

No job is plain sailing the entire time. Some days will be more challenging than others, but those days can be just as rewarding for the development of your career as a whole. It just depends on how you learn from them.

For example a trainers trainer challenges can be many and varied. Some people are harder to train in a certain job or environment than others. These people can present the trainer with a challenge that could be difficult to meet. If you are regularly holding training sessions with a group of other people, you will almost always come across people who don't want to be there. This is more common when you hold required training sessions for people in a specific career. In this case you will often come across people who don't focus and that you constantly have to encourage to participate.

How to train the trainer for success

One key thing that training trainers brings to mind is that the training itself can be challenging. Good trainer training will help the would-be trainer to identify situations they are likely to come up against at some stage. This will help them to work out solutions to these problems, so they are better equipped to cope with them when they happen for real.

It is interesting to note that if you happen to hold training sessions that you charge money for, you will generally have a more productive session than you would otherwise. If people pay good money to take your training, they are liable to engage with it more fully. They have paid for the experience so they want to make the most of it.

How to get the most out of challenges

Challenges will be easier to deal with if you expect them to happen. You'll certainly come across some eventually if you are going to be a trainer. The trick to becoming a successful trainers trainer is to know they will happen and to formulate the best way to deal with them. Whatever you learn can then be passed down to other trainers if you do eventually decide to train other people who want to enter this demanding but rewarding career.

As you can see, training can bring many challenges. Which ones will you struggle with and which ones will help you grow into a better trainer in the future?

When do you stop learning as a trainer? The answer is that you never do. In fact this is the first thing you should learn when you are looking into training for trainers. Trainer learning never stops – and if you think it ever does this could indicate that you are not an ideal candidate for this position.

The amount of training for trainers you will have to undertake before you can take on this role will depend on the area of training you wish to enter. For example if you are training people on how to operate underground trains, clearly you must know exactly what you are talking about. But this is a very different situation to the one you would be faced with if you were to train people in identifying their best life skills. In this situation your personal experience and outlook on life would bear a greater relevance than any 'how to train the trainer' course you were to go on.

An open minded outlook is best for all trainers trainer learning

This is perhaps the best skill to have if you are training individuals to help them reach their potential. But it works in many different forms of training. For example even when you receive training on a topic so that you can train others successfully, you may find there are regular updates to that topic. Consider the example of the underground trains trainer. They will receive information on changes and alterations within the system from time to time, and this will need to be incorporated in any training courses they run.

Are you positive enough to be a trainers trainer?

You might enjoy training individuals or small groups to learn the basics in a certain subject. But how would you fare if you were to train new trainers so they could teach that same subject just as you do?

Training the trainers is something that some trainers consider later on in their careers. It can provide them with a different outlook. They are teaching the methods of training others on the topic rather than the information on the topic itself. It is a different perspective but one that some trainers excel in. Perhaps this would be worth considering on your own at a future stage?

As you can see, a trainers trainer will always learn and develop their own career, just as any other trainer will.

Do you want to have a rewarding career where you can help to change other people's lives? If you do you should consider becoming a trainer. This career choice brings plenty of opportunities and career paths to take in the future. But even when you first start out you will find the rewards are notable.

Is there official training for trainers?

It all depends on what field of training you want to go into. For example you can become a trainer in the IT field (information technology). In this case you should obviously know a lot about computers and you should also be able to teach others the same skills you have. However in other forms of training – such as in helping people reach their potential – personal skills in engaging with other people are more important.

How much experience do you need before you start out in this job?

When it comes to looking for trainers, trainer positions can require all kinds of qualifications and experience. In some cases no experience at all is required. Sometimes people will learn the required skills to be a good trainer simply through working in other jobs. The need to be supportive and to listen and engage with another person without being judgmental is far more important.

Can you be self employed?

Yes indeed you can. Again it will depend on the nature of the training position you want to take up. Some people go into training once they have enjoyed a successful career doing something in particular. Once they have done it, they will teach it to others.

Trainers trainer
 experiences can build a rewarding career teaching others too

Have you ever wondered how to train the trainer? It is very likely that you have. Training for trainers is important in some fields as it enables them to learn how best to train other people. This training might be very informal in nature. For example someone who wants to become a trainer might ask an experienced trainer for advice and input. They can learn much about the potential career they have in front of them, and this is as good a way as any to discover just how much potential a career in training will be.

Becoming a trainer is not the ideal career for everyone. But many will enjoy the experience and it can indeed be incredibly rewarding.

Most of us have heard the idea of experts expert opinions. These are opinions given by people who are experts in their field. They are often called to present their opinions so a particular group of people – sometimes a jury for example – can understand the most probable cause of events in a particular circumstance.

But can the rest of us learn from the experience and knowledge of a relevant expert as well? The answer, refreshingly, is yes.

Experts exist in every field of knowledge on earth

This is good news. It means that whatever you want to know more about, you can always find the knowledge you need. You simply have to find the most knowledgeable person to provide it to you.

Do you need to meet them to benefit from an experts expert opinions?

No. There are numerous ways in which you can find out what an expert thinks and believes in. For instance a famous expert on a topic may publish books on the subject. They may also have a website or blog that they use to share information. If they are famous you may also look for television interviews they have given or perhaps even seminars in which you can see them for real.

How can you learn from their knowledge?

Of course the best way for any of us to learn is to listen, digest and consider the material they have given us. It doesn't matter what subject is being discussed. It is only by listening to business experts or coaching experts – depending on our specific point of interest – that we can learn from their vast experience.

Moreover the learning process never stops. It continues through time. Some people believe that we can only learn something when we are ready to learn it and we open our minds to it. Thus an experts expert opinions will only make sense to us and provide a learning experience when we are ready to receive them.

This is an interesting point and one that not everyone has thought about. So whether you are looking for opinions from business growth experts or anyone else, you should always be prepared to learn over time. You cannot learn all the lessons there are to be learned from their experience in one go. This learning experience takes place over time. As the expert comes forward with more opinions on more things, you can learn even more.

Someone who is a highly regarded expert in a particular field may be called a guru. Now there are plenty of people around – no matter which field you look at – who could happily take this title. But if you really want to know more about a particular field of interest, you need to try and find the gurus guru. This is the one person whom the gurus look up to for advice and insight. They may not be easy to find, and there may be some disagreement over which person should be regarded as such. But it is definitely worth looking for the person who has more experience, more knowledge and more willingness to share it than anyone else.

Get to know more about the field you are interested in

For instance, do you want to know more about the world of business? If you do you should think about looking for business gurus. The best place to start your search is online. Begin by looking for as much information on starting up in business as you can. Not only will you find out a lot of information and advice by doing this, you will also start to spot the same names coming up over and over again.

This is true of any field where you are looking for the gurus guru. Simply research the field and find out as much as you can. Get expert opinions. Read books. Find out who knows what and how long they have been in that line of work for. You will soon come across the gurus, and after a while it will become clear which of them is likely to be the gurus guru.

Will there always be one clear answer?

Not always – but providing you get a clear answer for your own ends, it doesn't matter whether other people agree with you or not. That's the great thing about looking for a gurus coach or the ultimate in gurus – different people have different opinions.

Once you have found the person you want to learn from you can use this knowledge to inform every aspect of your life from now on. If you want to learn about business you can follow your guru to learn how they experienced many of the situations you are in now. The same applies for any other field. Providing you have someone acting as the gurus guru, you'll always have someone to follow.

Coaches coach for all kinds of reasons depending on the specific area of coaching they happen to be in. But when all coaches coach, London based or otherwise, they all have one main reason for doing so. They want to help improve the lives of the people they see. This one reason underlies everything else, and it is often the main reason why coaches take on this career in the first place.

How does coaching coaches take place?

Coaches can often be trained by other coaches. These people will have the knowledge and experience that has been gleaned by seeing countless different clients over the years. Coaching the coach is very important and it can also be done throughout a coach's career. The most important thing for any coach to remember is that they should never stop trying to develop and learn new skills. As clients will respond to different forms of teaching it becomes necessary to learn as many different approaches as possible. This strengthens the offering that coaches have and enables them to improve still more lives.

Does life coach coaching continue as their careers develop?

Yes it does this in many different ways. For instance even though many coaches are self employed and have their own businesses, they will still often network with other coaches. Finding out the latest developments in the business is just one aspect of learning and developing a coaching career still further.

As you can imagine it is essential to have a real passion for coaching if you are going to take this career on. It is filled with challenges and the ability to meet and help new people virtually every day. While some skills are learned, others are inbuilt in the best coaches. In addition skills can be enhanced and are constantly getting better as a coach goes through their career. It should not be surprising that the best coaches – in any field – are much sought after and highly paid.

Perhaps the most inspiring reason why coaches coach is that they want to help their clients get the most out of their lives. It doesn't matter whether they are coaching athletes, individuals looking to achieve more or executives looking to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone has different goals and coaches can help them to reach them. As you can see, coaches coach to improve lives in lots of different ways.

What is business success? In truth it can mean different things to different people. But if you want to learn the secret of business success it can be useful to find out everything you can about the world of business.

This is particularly true if you have designs on setting up your own business. Striking out on your own can be exciting and daunting. But you can learn a lot from looking at others who have gone down this path before you. Here are some ways to do just that.

Read about business success stories

Why make mistakes early on when you can avoid them by learning how others before you have overcome them? The key to business success is often to watch and learn, so you don't make the same errors other people have done.

Pick the stories of people you admire – you will find them far more engaging and interesting. Identify the lessons within the stories and see how you can apply them to your own business life.

Implement business success strategies

There are countless strategies for success in business that could make all the difference between success and failure. These strategies occur in all areas of business, such as in finding customers, identifying new areas for growth and creating new products.

The more strategies you can uncover, the easier it will be to use them to further your own business goals. Just be sure you understand how each strategy works and how you should put it into play. When combined with the earlier suggestion of reading business success stories, you can see how strategies can provide you with a powerful method of getting ahead in business.

Employ a business success coach to help you achieve your goals

Coaching for business success can work incredibly well. Try and find a coach through recommendation if you can; alternatively do some research to find a selection of coaches you identify with. A coach can help you create goals and identify the best way of achieving them, whether you are just starting out or more experienced in the world of business.

As you can see there are various ways in which you can improve your chances of becoming successful in business. There is no big secret of business success; rather there are many different methods and strategies that all combine to enhance your chances of being successful. How many will you take advantage of?

Working Smarter Not Harder to Make your Business Grow Successfully

I have been asked so many times by business owners ‘what is that I need to do to make my business a success?’  My advice is always tailored to the needs of that particular business at the time as each business will be in a different stage of its growth and each will have its own challenges. However, in my experience the following three concepts are essential components leading any business to grow successfully:

Business Growth By Testing

Sell Sell Sell – So many business owners that I have come across believe that if they have a good product and simply open their doors, a flood of customers will come rushing in to buy.  Wrong.  As a wannabe entrepreneur the one single most important thing you will ever do is make your first sale.  Without sales you will not have a viable business.  So forget picking out furniture for your new office, or titivating the new website – they will not in themselves create sales. Instead concentrate on testing out your intended marketplace(s).  Find out if you have actually got a product that will sell whether it is cupcakes, jewellery, insurance, newspapers or anything else, before you commit substantial time and money.  Ask friends, neighbours, colleagues.  Sell at flea markets or ask existing retailers to sell for you on a ‘sale or return basis’.  Only once you have done this will you be sure that there is a market and that you have workable business proposition for a business and business growth.

Business Growth By Value Pricing 

Value Pricing –  It is all too easy to fall into the trap of pricing the product or service that you offer based on cost of time and materials.  After all it is a very old and well-used technique utilised by lawyers, accountants, architects, consultants etc etc.  What this does however is put a ‘glass ceiling’ on what you are able to earn as there are only a limited number of hours that you can work.  You can also be confident that when Apple (by way of example) launched the iPod and iPad they didn’t simply multiply the cost of manufacture by 2.2 to come up with a selling price! Instead, begin to think of the value that the work that you will do or the product that you are selling will add to the customer.  If you are being asked to consult it is because you have knowledge and expertise that the customer does not.  If the result of your consultation is an increase in profit of £1million what should your expertise be worth? It is exactly the same with a product – what is the perceived value to the customer and how much is that worth will help you business to grow? 

Business Growth From Competition 

Make Competition Irrelevant – Build an innovative strategy for your business that places your business proposition in a marketplace all of its own – no competition! To do this you have to stop focusing on beating the competition in your current marketplace and create a leap in the perceived value of your product or service that renders the competition irrelevant.  A great example of this is would be cinemas.  There are a number of high brand well know cinemas complex companies out there who compete for the same customers.  What if one of them thought differently though and decided to attract new customers, customers who don’t usually frequent the cinema.  Asking why people don’t go to the cinema is possibly a more pertinent question than ‘how do I attract more of the customers who already frequent the cinema?’  For example, there are many parents with small children who do not frequent the cinema because of childcare problems. By providing a crèche facility at the cinema where children can play and will be fed a healthy meal whilst Mum and Dad go and watch a movie a whole new opportunity opens up. By building an innovative strategy around attracting customers that do not already frequent the cinema they open up an entirely new market – one that the competition is not in on. So by being innovative and creating an innovation strategy that eliminates your competitors which in turn will allow your business to grow successfully. 



Louise Woods: Innovation Strategist & Mastermind Coach

Could You Benefit from an Online Business Mentor?

You may have heard of business coaching before, but perhaps you feel as if it isn't quite right for you. In this situation you may benefit more from business mentor programs – and there are certainly enough of them online to choose from.


What is a business mentor?

A business mentor is a person who is experienced in business and wants to use their experience and skills to help others achieve their goals too.

Business mentoring means working on a one to one basis with another person. For example if you want advice and support as you build your business, you might seek out the help of a business mentor to provide the insight you are looking for. You can learn a lot from mentoring business individuals, and if you find someone you can really identify with it could be a highly beneficial relationship for you both.

How can you work with an online business mentor?

It might seem strange at first to seek an online business mentor. Surely this has to be done face to face?

Actually it can be easier to work online than it is in any other way, since it doesn't matter where your mentor is located. When you find someone who is willing to be a mentor to you, you can use a variety of methods to stay in touch with each other. These include email discussions, forums and instant messaging, depending on what suits you both best. There are even websites that focus purely on mentoring in business, giving you the ability to contact more than one person if need be.

A business mentor in London might be ideal for those living in the vicinity. But as you can see, geography is no barrier when you opt for online business mentoring.

Why is mentoring in business so beneficial to those who take part in it?

We all have our own unique way of looking at the world. You may view your business with blinkers on without even knowing it. A business mentor can provide a different and more experienced viewpoint for you to consider. This could be in a professional, personal or even an emotional sense.

Perhaps the best aspect of mentoring is that you can talk back and forth and both get something out of the experience. As such it is a learning experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

Do you feel as if you are successful in life? If you don't you are not alone. Many people feel they could be far more successful than they are now, if only they knew how to make it happen. Sometimes it isn't a lack of ideas and drive that is the problem; it could also be having too much drive and not enough direction!

Success coaching is often sought in regard to becoming more successful in business. But will this be all you need to provide you with the success you seek?

You need to be willing to be open with a business success coach

Coaching is a two way process. You cannot expect it to be successful if you are not willing to take part in it and receive constructive advice and input along the way.

However you should be aware that success coaching is all about you. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts, dreams and goals – after all these are what will underpin the success you are seeking. Your openness will be rewarded with success if you are the right kind of person to seek coaching advice.

A life success coach can help you with other aspects of your life

Coaching can be provided in many different ways. A life success coach focuses on your life as a whole, rather than on your business. If you feel you are not making the best of your life, a life success coach could help you break through and make more of yourself.

There may be more than one area in which you are struggling to make a difference in your life. Whatever your issues might be, talking them through with a success coach will lead to more productive results in the future.

Success coaching can give you direction and purpose

Some people have so many ideas and goals that they jeopardise any chance of actually achieving them. If this sounds familiar you have an excellent chance of benefiting from business success coaching.

A coach can help you to wade through the disorganisation you are experiencing and provide the structure and focus you have been missing out on. A different point of view is often the best way to objectively view the situation you are currently in. As such you can take advantage of this new viewpoint to achieve more and really get the most from your foray into success coaching.

Most of us have heard of a business coach, and understand the role they can play in a business owner's life. But what is an executive coach and who are they able to help?

Focusing on executives in business

A business coach will usually help an individual to develop their own business. But an executive coach will focus on helping an employee make their way up the ladder to reach a highly placed executive position.

As such this type of coaching is typically shorter term than traditional business coaching would be. Once the person achieves the goals laid out for them during the coaching process, there would be no further need to seek the help of an executive coach. The length of the process will depend on the obstacles and challenges to be conquered and how well the individual responds to the coaching process.

An executive business coach will typically be hired by the business

When an individual business owner wants to seek advice, they will go directly to a business coach. But an executive coach will usually be hired by the person in charge of the business. This occurs with the specific idea of coaching an individual so they can make their way through the ranks to an executive position as quickly as possible.

A large proportion of businesses hire an executive coach to help get the best from their employees. But in some cases an individual may seek the help of such a coach on their own. It depends on how much the individual wants this assistance, and whether the business they work for is open to hiring one.

Does executive coach hire work for everyone?

The short answer is that it will work for everyone who wants it to work. You must be open and willing to engage in the process of coaching, otherwise nothing worthwhile will happen.

One important factor that is common in all successful coaching situations is that the person being coached is willing to accept feedback on their performance and personal skills and abilities. This should not be seen as criticism: it should be seen as a way to provide you with the information needed to push ahead and achieve more in the future.

Not everyone will be amenable to the idea of hiring an executive coach. But if you feel ready to take advantage of this service, you may benefit from it in more ways than you might think.

Lots of people nowadays are clamouring to make money online. There are certainly plenty of ways to do it, but every single one starts with a solid business idea. If you don't have one of these you are less likely to succeed.

So if you are looking for business ideas 2012 here are some suggestions to get you thinking along the right lines.

Earning from Google Adsense

If you are looking for effective but simple business ideas, setting up an information website to use in conjunction with Google Adsense can work well. It takes a little time to get a site off the ground in terms of traffic, but once you do you can be well rewarded with a passive income stream over time.

Creating a blog

Blogs are also among the most profitable business ideas you can launch online today. Simply pick a topic you are passionate about and that has the potential to earn you money, either through advertising or promoting your own or other people's products. Generate traffic and over time you can start to earn an income from it.

Offering a service

Many successful business ideas are based around a service of some kind. This could be anything from creating websites to writing content, or providing coaching or even advising on how to get more traffic. If you know a lot about something you could use this to help kick off some profitable business ideas.

Earning from affiliate sales

Many people become affiliates for products and services online. This means that you will earn a commission for selling items that are created by other people. For instance you might see an eBook that typically sells for $20. You offer it to the visitors to your blog because it is relevant to that audience. Every time you sell a copy to them via your own unique link, you will receive a portion of the $20 selling price.

What are the best business ideas you can come up with? 

There is no doubt that you can earn money in lots of different ways online. Indeed some people use and combine several different methods to make the most of their income. The more effort you put into your new online business in 2012, the more money you can make. So start by finding the best business ideas online today and go from there.

Mastermind Coach & Accountability

As a mastermind coach I regularly and avidly read articles, self-improvement literature and blogs simply because I find them irresistible.  I frequently find nuggets of information that provoke thought and force me to question my own beliefs and knowledge.  Just a few months ago I was following a thread on Linkedin which I have been ‘mulling over’ ever since and has now compelled me to put pen to paper.

 The question being posed was nothing out of the ordinary and yet the responses were quite enlightening.  “Why is it that we will attend a workshop, read a book or article, listen to the audio tapes, watch the video, get inspired to change…and yet STILL not act?”

 Did you know that of all the many thousands of small businesses owners out there trading today, only a tiny 1% will truly have a desire to succeed and act on it?  There are, as we are all painfully aware, a very large proportion who will fail and the remainder are happy to merely survive.  So why is it that those who have obviously sought help by way of a workshop, book article or other such media choose not to action it?

 The responses given to the question posed on Linkedin centred on whether ‘Accountability’ is the best way to ensure that people act on their ‘best intentions’ and implement what they have learned.  One side argued that unless we have someone holding us accountable, change very rarely happens.  That was countered by saying that the ‘carrot and stick’ approach of accountability relies on having someone to be accountable to (which of course isn’t always the case when running your own business) and that generating  the correct attitude in a person to ensure that they are self-starting and self-sustaining is the ‘Champions Approach’.

 To me both arguments seemed logical and both rang true in my experience of human beings.  The crunch came however by way of an example given about recent rugby games.  The ‘Correct Attitude’ protagonist stated that ‘… there needed an accountability partner.  Not one player would have sat back and thought “I’m a bit tired, I’ll hang at the back and let the other do the work today”.  It just doesn’t happen because they have a winner’s attitude…….’

 I cannot think of people who have more accountability than world class rugby players!  They may very well be highly motivated, hugely self-sustaining, self-starting people and have the mind-set of champions but it does not change the facts.  They are accountable to their teammates, the team coach, the team manager, the fans, the nation, themselves, their family to name just a few.  That is quite a list!

 So who is right?  Is Accountability to another person enough to make a person act or do they also have to have  Correct Attitude?

 In my experience both ‘Accountability’ and ‘Correct Attitude’ are both essential  elements in achieving success.  Being a business owner can be a very lonely experience and it is all too easy to lose focus and get caught up in the nitty-gritty of daily business life, fail to set goals and lose sight of the aim of the business – to thrive and prosper!  For me, being part of a Mastermind Group gives me the Accountability that I need to ensure that I set goals and targets and focus on achieving them.  I constantly work on self-improvement so that I build the ‘Correct Attitude’.  Having a great attitude is what makes me get up in the morning when it is cold outside, ensures that I don’t give up at the first hurdle, do all the things that I know I need to do to achieve my goals, targets and tasks whether I ‘feel’ like it or not.  I will attend a workshop, read a book, article, only if it will help me achieve my goals, and act upon it if I believe that it will. After all, I have chosen to be accountable for my results and my great attitude means that I will go all out to achieve them!

 At the end of the day, the week, the month or the year I can honestly say that I succeeded in everything I set out to do!




By Louise Woods – Innovation Strategist & Mastermind Coach

Many of us look up to business experts to seek advice and input about our own businesses. But have you ever considered who the experts expert is? Who do the experts look up to in order to gain insight that will back up their teachings?

If you would like to be regarded as an expert, you must consider how you will reach this lofty position. The following pointers should help in this regard.

Finding your niche in the business world

Let us suppose that you want to become one of the leading business experts around today. Your first task would be to decide which area of business you want to become an expert in. It is unlikely that you would aim to become an expert in every area of business, since there are so many niches you could aim for. You may find it doesn't take long to focus on one particular niche, because you may have more experience there. Alternatively you may simply have a passion for a specific niche, and this will inform your choice.

Finding someone to follow and inspire you

Let's say you want to become an expert in business growth. Your next step would be to find a couple of business growth experts who are already well known in their field and able to provide support and guidance for your future. Bear in mind that you don't need to know them personally, nor do they need to know you. You can learn a lot from the experts expert if you simply follow their teachings and explore the benefits they have available to share with you.

Read books about them, find websites that are relevant to them and read their blog if they have one. There are many different resources you can plunder for inspiration. In the end, you have to find out who your experts expert is, so you can follow them and learn from them as you progress through your own career.

As you can see it is possible for coaching experts to achieve great results through indirect methods. They can publish articles, books and blog posts that you can read and learn something from. On your own path to becoming an expert in your chosen field there is plenty to learn from experts who have gone before you. Make sure you remember this and don't squander the chance to learn as much as you can. Soon you could be the experts expert instead.


What do YOU think? Have your say by simply leaving your comment in the box below.

By Moe Nawaz  – Author – Speaker – Mastermind Coach – Insolvency Auditor

If you own a business with a number of employees you may have occasions where you arrange a dinner or get together for everyone to enjoy. Some of these occasions may be more professional in tone than others, and at these functions you may wish to hire a business speaker to make a speech.

But where do you find the speaker you need? Here are some tips.

Ask your colleagues if they know a reliable business speaker

Recommendations are always worth far more than any other method of finding someone suitable. Ask around and see if anyone knows of a business motivational speaker you could contact for more information.

Start by asking the people you know in your own business. You can then spread the word and talk to people whom you know from other areas of your life. You never know who might have the contacts that you are looking for.

Know which type of business speaker you are looking for

They don't all fall into one easy category. For example if you own a small business you will want to hire a small business speaker who is familiar with the challenges that a small business faces. Clearly if you are the CEO of a large multinational corporation, this same speaker will not be suitable for your audience.

Many people respond well to a motivational business speaker, no matter what the audience might be. If you can hire someone who is capable of motivating your audience, you are sure to have a successful result. It can lead to better results for your business too if people are willing to put what they've heard into action.

Search online for reviews of the speakers you have shortlisted

Once you have a few names you should look for them online. Many business speakers have their own websites to help them find business online. You can use these to begin with to get an idea of how each speaker works and whether they would be suitable for your needs.

But you should also look for testimonials and reviews of that particular speaker elsewhere online. This will give you a more rounded picture of each speaker that will enable you to work out whether you have found the person who will best suit your event.

As you can see, choosing a business speaker is not an easy task – but it can be an immensely rewarding one.

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YOU think? Have your say by simply leaving your comment in the box below.

By Moe Nawaz – Author – Business Speaker – Mastermind Coach – Insolvency Auditor

How to Make the Most of an Online Mastermind Groups

If you run a business there are many ways in which you can gain support and advice in order to make progress. If you run an online business it can seem difficult to find this support – but it is far from impossible. Indeed there are lots of mastermind groups operating online right now: all you have to do is to find the one that appeals to you most, so you can join it and take full advantage.


Where should you begin?

The easiest way to look for a mastermind group online is to head to Google to type in that very phrase. This should return a number of useful results you can use to find the ideal group for your needs.

It's worth spending some time looking through the results you get instead of jumping at the first one you see. This will enable you to choose the most appropriate group: not all of them will focus on exactly the same area.


Regular efforts will reap the best rewards

It is important to remember that it isn't enough to drop into a masterminds group just once or twice while you are enthusiastic about it. A mastermind group network is a huge group of people who are all committed to achieving their goals and working together for the good of everyone in the group.

The point is that regular attendance at the mastermind group is the only way to get the rewards you seek. If you don't make the most of it you will not achieve what you set out to achieve.


Remember you can learn from others as well as from your own experiences

This is possibly one of the best aspects of such a group. Everyone thinks about what they will get from such a group, but in reality you will contribute a lot as well.

For instance someone might ask for advice on a certain matter. You may be just the person to provide the advice they are looking for. Alternatively someone else may provide the advice the person needs, but you may learn a lot from it as well.

This is why mastermind groups are so popular, and since the online groups can invite people from all over the world to join, there is no restriction on where your advice can come from. It's no wonder many business people feel they are essential.

What do YOU think? Have your say by simply leaving your comment in the box below.

Also check 9 interesting life changing success stories. You will be surprised to know how mastermind groups turned barely surviving businesses into thriving businesses. 

When coaches coach, they do so with a huge range of skills which are brought to bear on any one situation with a client. It does not matter whether they are coaching athletes, business people or regular everyday clients. Coaches must employ different skills and abilities to ensure they can assist their client in reaching the best outcome they are capable of.

It is obvious that the coaches coach by talking to their clients. This enables them to ask the right questions in order to find out more about them, their habits and ways of living, working and/or performing (depending on relevance). But talking is not the most important skill a coach should have. When an expert is coaching the coach they will ensure they realise that listening is arguably even more important than talking.

What does listening achieve in coaching?

If someone elects to see a coach, they are doing so because they wish to improve one or more aspects of their life. Thus a coach should not spend the better part of a coaching session talking. They must know exactly what to ask and when so they are able to extract the information they need from their client. By finding out what the client has to say and what the client feels about their progress – or lack of it – in life so far, they can assist in steering them in the right direction in the future. This is all done more by listening than by talking.

Why do open ended questions result in more successful periods of listening?

Many coaches coach by focusing on asking open ended questions rather than closed questions. A closed question is one that can trigger a yes or no answer. For example you might ask a client if they are looking forward to their coaching session. Here they have every opportunity to say yes or no. But if you were to ask them what they hope to achieve in their next coaching session, they cannot answer in such a way. This is an open ended question and it has the power to elicit a stronger and more in depth response from the client.

Of course coaches coach by using a variety of different methods. They are always learning and developing their own skills just as they assist their clients in learning and developing their own. But there is no doubt that listening is one of the most important skills a coach can have.

By Moe Nawaz Mastermind Strategist & Coaches Coach

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