Author Acknowledgement

Mastermind Groups is the result of the extraordinary experiences and interactions I have had over the years with running my own mastermind groups online and offline, clients, professional colleagues, and the many leaders in business and also the not for profit sector, education, the students and clients who contributed to my research, one and all.

I owe a particular debt of thanks to the leaders who generously shared their time and experiences with me and whose insights appear in this book. Their participation in the projects was invaluable.

Over the years I have been very fortunate to have learned from some of the masters of our time, people such as Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Richard Bandler, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and of course not forgetting my coach Rich Schefren the guru to the gurus.

A number of other people who helped to make this work a reality. Special recognition and thanks go to Suzanne Mcgee who helped with all the research from my seminars and scripts from my mastermind classes. Many colleagues and professional who I gave earlier drafts of manuscripts the benefit of their expertise special thanks to Rich Schefren. My family, friends and fellow Heart Of England Toastmasters who were a steady source of encouragement and interest. It is a pleasure to acknowledge their support.

My family, who now know more about mastermind groups and mastermind coaching than any other family on the planet, endured my months of writing with their customary patience and good cheers.

Author – Mastermind Strategist & Business Coach

Moe Nawaz
United Kingdom